AFKEM AG, Hamburg - September 05, 2017

AFKEM AG, Hamburg: 

Capital Measure

Agreement on the conditions for a capital increase through the contribution of the business shares No. 2 of the                     ROSCH INNOVATIONS Deutschland GmbH

AFKEM AG, Hamburg, hereby announces that the Management Board of the company and the Management of Save the Planet AG, Switzerland, have reached an agreement regarding the conditions of the transfer of the business shares No. 2 of ROSCH INNOVATIONS Deutschland GmbH, Troisdorf.

The share capital of the company shall be increased by Euro 2,500,000.00 as part of a capital increase.

Save the Planet AG shall be admitted to subscribe for the 2,500,000 new shares under exclusion of the subscription rights of other shareholders.

The draft of the contribution agreement shall be subject to the approval of an extraordinary General Meeting, which is yet to be called, and, after the approval of the shareholders, shall be notarized. 

This planned measure is part of the realignment of the AFKEM AG.



 Christian Tietz

Management Board



After the Supervisory Board members Tobias Dittmar, Carsten Franke and Günter Karoschinski had resigned as members of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Detlef Dohmen, Asbach, Germany, Mr. Josef Gschwend, Amriswil, Switzerland, and Mr. Klaus-Peter Gerharz, Remscheid, Germany, appointed today by members of the Supervisory Board. 

Mr. Dohmen was elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board in the subsequent Supervisory Board meeting and Mr. Gschwend was elected Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board. 

In addition, the company was informed that the StP Aktiengesellschaft, Amriswil, Switzerland, pursuant to § 20 para. 1.3.4 AktG i.V.m. §A16 (1) AktG, more than the fourth part of the shares in the company and a majority interest in the company belong to the fact that Ebinal GmbH has sold shares in the company and that there is no longer any interest in the company in a compulsory amount There is no longer a majority interest in the Company in the amount to be communicated to the Company, as is the case for Mr. Matthäus Ebinal, Hamburg, there is no longer an indirect majority interest, § 16 para. 1, 4 AktG. 

Mr. Christian Tietz, Duesseldorf, was appointed to the Management Board, and Mr. Matthäus Ebinal, Hamburg, has resigned his Management Board.

Christian Tietz
Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive Officer

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