The future belongs to renewable energies in what ever form. After many years of continuous research and development, the era of great innovations, has once again dawned upon the energy industry. New technologies are needed to adequately support functional growth and supply consumer demand.

AFKEM AG has acquired different marketable developments and is continuously establishing them on the world markets.

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The Hydropetor power turbine is the first difference / density engine in the world to provide energy around the clock. The input energy is obtained via regenerative energies.

The energy consumption for the production of compressed air is very low, but the performance in the air conversion is very high. The overflow water is used as an additional drive of the spiral pump and is one of the most efficient compressed air generators in the low pressure range.

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The MPM (Magnetic Pulse Motor) – in combination with an energy storage unit to cover power peaks – provides a decentralized and autonomous energy supply to dispose isolated residential buildings worldwide.

Due to its small size and simple assembly, this will be particularly interesting for emerging markets, where the infrastructure is not suitable for heavy commercial vehicles, as the MPM already finds its place on relatively small pick-ups.

Grafische Darstellung

Revolutionary Innovations

New, revolutionary technologies are able to provide energy at any location in the world — without the use and consumption of fossil fuels.

The result is 100% green, clean energy. The biosphere of our planet will be fully regenerated as a result of the worldwide conversion to renewable energy sources.

Be a part of it: Save the Planet!

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